Rules & Weight Classes

Main tournament

The main tournament will be fought under IBJJF rules. You can check the bjj tournament rules here.

  • Light Featherweight: -64 kg
  • Featherweight: -70 kg
  • Lightweight: -76 kg
  • Middleweight:-82.3 kg
  • Medium Heavyweight: -88.3 kg
  • Heavyweight: -94.3 kg
  • Super Heavyweight: -100.5 kg
  • Ultra Heavyweight: +100.5 kg
  • Women -60kg
  • Women +60kg

Belt Divisions:

  • Men: White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black
  • Women: White, Blue, Purple/Brown/Black

Weight classes will be combined if there are not enough participants per weightclass.

Absolute divisions

All belt classes will have an absolute division. All medal winners per weight class can register for the absolute division of their belt at the tournament. For women we will have two absolute divisions: white and elite (blue and up).

Sponsors / Partners

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